Sparking Joy with Community Partners

Last week Alpine Bank and the Habitat ReStore partnered to help residents clear out their space at the document shredding event.

Marie Kondo got us all thinking years ago about decluttering and organizing one’s space. Her strategy, known as KonMari, requires placing all similar items (like books or clothes) on the floor and then touching them one by one. If an item doesn’t “spark joy,” when it’s touched, the person should get rid of it.

Many Eagle County residents did just that with tons of old papers and documents. The drive-thru shred event was a clear success with cars lining up prior to ten to rid their houses of papers. The documents were shredded and then brought to the recycling facility in Grand Junction.

We’re grateful for all of our partners and many volunteers that help make this community such a special place to live, work and play.

If you’re in spring cleaning mode, please consider donating your furniture, art, appliances, cabinets and housewares to the Habitat ReStore in Eagle.