Selection Criteria

Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley is intent on building more permanently affordable homes with hardworking locals. Our application cycle is open annually. A stable, affordable home creates health equity and positive behavioral and physical health for kids, families and the community. 

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Habitat homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. Habitat homeowners can be anyone: single dads, families, couples without children, single people, blended families – anyone who needs a safe, affordable home. 

Family Story


A safe and stable home helps us become the person we are meant to be. At Habitat, we meet families where they are to provide them on the path of self sufficiency.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:


  • Shelter is inadequate or unsafe due to problems with heating, water supply, structural safety, overcrowding, etc.
  • The monthly housing payment is more than 30% of gross monthly income. 
  • The neighborhood is unsafe.

Ability to Pay 

  • Stable, monthly income sufficient to meet routine expenses, maintain the house and make monthly mortgage payments.
  • Income must be between 35-80% of the area median income (AMI) for Eagle County. This number varies yearly and with family size.
  • Acceptable credit.

Income Guidelines

Habitat serves families who earn between 35-80% of the area median income for Eagle County. Figures from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are used as general guidelines. 

One $39,159 - $62,650
Two $39,159 - $71,600
Three $39,159 - $80,550
Four $39,159 - $89,450
Five $39,159 - $96,650
Six $39,159 - $103,800

Willingness to Partner with Habitat 
When selected, future homeowners partner with Habitat to help build their home and homes for neighbors, known as “Sweat Equity.” The homeowner must complete 250 sweat equity hours per adult before moving into the home

Residency Status  
Applicants must be either citizens, permanent legal residents or DACA of the United States of America.


Why We Build

We build and sell homes to hardworking people in need of decent and affordable housing.

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