Why We Build

Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley provides a path for a better life through safe and affordable homes. Habitat homeowners strengthen the fabric of our community. Children who have a safe home have fewer physical and behavioral health problems.

Habitat homeowners are educators, law enforcement officers, tradespeople, healthcare, grocery store and resort employees who make Eagle County a vibrant place to live. However, homeownership is less attainable in 2022 than it was in 2019. COVID-19 exacerbated the problem: In communities where workforce housing was already scarce, the influx of remote workers pushed homeownership further out of reach of our local workforce, decimating available stock.

Andrea’s Story

Housing + Stability

If anyone knows that a home is transformational, it’s Andrea. She was living on the precipice of stability, raising her two children in an RV without running water, unsure if she would have to move again. Then she became a Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley homeowner. As a homeowner, she no longer worries that she will have to move her family away from a place they love.

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“My home allowed me to become a single mom, stay on my own and take care of my kids in a very safe place,” she says. “It’s life changing.”

Having a safe and stable home allows Andrea to flourish. The home gave her the hope and the ability to leave behind a fraught domestic situation. As her confidence grew, she took advantage of every learning opportunity offered from Early Head Start classes for her children to home buying workshops to counseling sessions. Her desire to provide a better life for her children, set herself and her family up for success.

As she settled into her home, Andrea continued her education, working towards her Early Childhood Director’s license while working full time in the Eagle County School District. “If your basic needs are met you can be a functioning part of society and give back so much more,” Andrea says.

Stability isn’t only having a safe place to live—it brings peace of mind that is out of reach when living paycheck to paycheck, in an uncertain living environment. Habitat’s 0% interest mortgage is no more than 30% of Andrea’s income, freeing up money for other bills and necessities. The family thrives in their safe home, a playground nearby and the camaraderie of community.

Liz’ Story


Liz moved to Eagle County two decades ago with a baby. She had three boys and found herself a single mother living in substandard housing. As she helped build her home, she met teachers, which spurred her on. Having an affordable mortgage allowed her to have the funds to go college to ‘build her life towards bigger goals.’ She created and met her goals; got her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. “Home is the key to hope for a better future and make a bigger impact,” Liz says.

Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley is committed to respecting and safeguarding the rights and dignities of all people, and protecting our staff members, volunteers, partners, beneficiaries and community members (especially vulnerable adults and children) from exploitation and abuse.


Why We Build

We build and sell homes to hardworking people in need of decent and affordable housing.

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