Rudy Trevizo is giving back where he started — Habitat for Humanity

As seen in La Vida Vail, February 19, 2021.

Rudy Trevizo knows how important a house is; Housing stability helps people create a better life for themselves and their families

A house is more than a home. Especially now — it is a work space, a gym, a place to learn and a place of refuge. In 2004, Rudy Trevizo moved into his family’s Habitat for Humanity home, which changed his life.

In 2003, Frances Trevizo Romero, Rudy’s mother, was working at the American Gypsum plant, living in an apartment when she learned about Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley. She applied to be a homeowner and soon thereafter the family set to work building their house on 3rd Street in Eagle.

“She’s my biggest inspiration, she showed me no matter how difficult life gets you should keep going and try to do your best in whatever you do,” Rudy reflected a few years ago.

He’s taken his mother’s positive attitude to heart, giving back to the organization that helped them build their home. He, like Habitat for Humanity, strongly believes the opportunity to be a homeowner goes beyond four walls, that housing stability is one of the steps in creating a better life.

Each adult member of a Habitat family commits to volunteering 250 hours in building their house. Young Rudy spent many weekends helping build his home. While doing so, he learned the insulation trade, which runs in his family. In essence, the home was the start to a successful career.

Trevizo is the owner of Green Sky Insulation, a company that is in demand throughout Eagle County. Part of being a successful businessman to Rudy is giving back. For the past five years, his company has provided insulation to Habitat homes, sometimes at cost, sometimes fully donated.

“The main focus of why I do this is that I want other families to have same opportunities I got, and to take advantage of it to get ahead in life,” he said. Part of the Habitat opportunities include a no-interest loan with an affordable mortgage payment, allowing families to spend less on housing costs each month.

One in seven families in Colorado spend more than half their monthly income on housing. That means that 22% of Eagle County families are forced to make impossible choices between housing and other necessities. Housing is a vital piece of infrastructure necessary to maintain both the economic and social vibrancy of a community.

Rudy continues to get ahead and share his opportunity: He’s reached out to help build homes with Habitat for Humanity affiliates in the Roaring Fork Valley and Summit County.

“Now I’m on other side where I’m trying to get people to have a better opportunity and better chances at life. I think that is what Habitat is all about — helping you succeed at life, make those hard moments at life easier. It feels really good,” Rudy said from a job site he was overseeing in Cordillera.

The family moved into their Habitat home in 2004. His mother still lives in the home and Rudy lives in Gypsum with his wife and three sons.

Applications for the next round of Habitat homes will open this summer. Visit to learn more. Since 1995, Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley has focused on providing housing stability for Eagle County residents; striving to build communities where everyone can thrive. Habitat believes in a world where everyone — regardless of their race or faith — has a decent place to call home.