You never forget the home that you grow up in – and in Rudy Trevizo’s case, it was a three-bedroom Habitat for Humanity home on 3rd Street in Eagle, Colorado. Fourteen years ago, Rudy was a teenager helping his single mother, Frances, build their new home.

“My mom is my biggest inspiration, she showed me that no matter how difficult life gets, you should just keep going and try to do your best, in whatever you do. I know there are a lot of families out there struggling to make it day to day. I know, because my family was one of those families.”

My Habitat Story: Rudy Trevizo

In 2015, Rudy’s dream to own his own business came true when he started Green Sky Insulation. Now, coming full circle with Habitat for Humanity, Rudy was hired to insulate the six new homes that Habitat is building in Gypsum. His business is doing all of the work, at cost. Rudy is proud that he now has the ability to help other families succeed, to do his part to see that more kids have a brighter future.

A Habitat home is a stabilizing force for a family. Growing up in a Habitat home provides the safety and permanence that kids need to thrive. A Habitat home serves as a foundation for building better lives.

Since 1995, Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley has partnered with 68 local families in Eagle County, including the Trevizo family, to build a place they can call home. With your help, we have provided a strong foundation for more than 250 children, including Rudy. In 2018, six more families will move into their Habitat homes, and we will celebrate the first Habitat Vail Valley family to fully pay off their mortgage!

According to Eagle County’s more recent report on housing need, 4,500 housing units are needed today and nearly 12,000 units will be needed by 2025 to house our full-time workforce and their families. There has never been a better time to support our homebuilding efforts.

With your support, Habitat will partner with parents seeking better futures for their children.

With your support, more children like Rudy will realize their dreams.

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