Volunteer Spotlight: Ellen White

It’s been exciting having volunteers return to the jobsite and to the ReStore. While we have seen many new faces, we are thrilled to work with our regulars again. Last year as we packed, organized and culled inventory for the move to the new ReStore in Gypsum, Ellen White was key to these efforts.

Ellen moved to the area a few years ago but had visited many ReStores prior. She’d helped with large rummage sales at her church so pricing, organizing and inventorying ReStore inventory came naturally. After settling in in Eagle, she wanted to give back to the community. She was looking to volunteer and the ReStore welcomed her.

“Ellen has been amazing to work with. She comes in every Tuesday and is instrumental in pricing and sorting our donations. She’s a whiz with helping with the vignettes and organizing” says Ann Logel, ReStore manager.

Ellen’s uncle in law had helped build Habitat homes years ago — “That’s what got me in. We knew what Habitat for Humanity was,” Ellen says.

Helping with the ReStore move was a months-long process, so much work but so much fun — working with a blank slate of the spacious store. Ellen has the knack of recognizing the higher-end pieces, those sought-after donations that increase sales. The money from the sales, of course, goes right back into building more Habitat homes.

“It’s fun,” Ellen said one rainy morning after the new ReStore was set up. “People, especially when they retire, need to do something that is meaningful and giving back to community that you didn’t have time to do when you were raising children.”

We’re grateful for our volunteers who take the time to give back and help make a difference in this community. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Cassie Scales, volunteer coordinator, at volunteer@habitatvailvalley.org.