Healthy in the New Year: Covid Updates

We’re thrilled to be back at work building homes with hardworking local families. The freezing (-12 sure is cold!) temperatures and piles of snow only reinforce why we need to build more homes than ever. However, as we move our Stratton Flats project along and ready for future projects, keeping our employees, volunteers, families and community members safe and healthy is at the forefront of what we do.

Our updated (again) Covid-19 protocols are in line with CDC guidance and local area mandates. Together, we can continue to build homes, celebrate community and be healthy.

Mask policy:
  1. Please wear masks at all times while inside any public space or work space when working or meeting with others, including coworkers, volunteers and community members.
  2. Please wear masks when working outdoors when you cannot maintain at least 6 feet of separation.
Remote meetings:
  1. All meetings should be conducted by Zoom or another video conferencing platform or by phone unless an in-person meeting is absolutely necessary.
Other considerations:
  1. If you have been exposed or have symptoms:  CLICK HERE .
  2. The CDC has reduced the time required for isolation (if vaccinated with last shot within 6 months) from 10 days to 5 days.  If this applies to you, call me and we’ll talk through it.
  3. Get vaccinated and boosted if you are not already!
  4. Consider a higher quality mask, such as an KN95, or double masking when in public spaces with a lot of people (grocery stores, airports, concerts, etc.)
  5. Keep private gatherings small and preferably outside.
  6. Keep yourself healthy in all of the other ways – get good sleep, eat healthy food, get your exercise, connect in a safe way with friends and loved ones, be patient, have some fun!
  7. If you are struggling and need help, please know resources are available.  CLICK HERE to find counselors and resources.  Our health plan includes mental health coverage and the Olivia’s Fund through EVBH provides 6 free visits with a licensed counselor.