Gallegos + Dan White + Kris Kortuem = Partner(s) In Action

We usually spotlight a volunteer, business or community partner—after all they are integral to our vision and mission. This month, we incorporate all three with the spotlight of The Gallegos Corporation, Dan White and Kris Kortuem. Dan is a vital member of our board of directors, giving countless hours and advice; he is the CFO of The Gallegos Corporation, the company that donates granite and marble as well as all the time to install and fabricate the countertops. Kris, Marble Shop manager, brings the homeowners’ vision to life. 

Dan jumped right into Habitat Vail Valley a couple of years ago. “I’ve always believed in Habitat’s mission,” he says. But Gallegos itself is not new to the Habitat family, he points out. Dan White

“Gallegos was involved from way before I worked there. A lot of it started when Gerald (Gallegos) developed Chatfield Corners with an eye towards affordable housing. They have been participating at some level (ever since),” he shares. 

Gallegos, Dan and Kris help put the finishing touches on a home. Kris meets with the families to help them with their stone selection, coordinates the templating, fabrication and installation, shares Emily Peyton, director of special projects for Habitat Vail Valley. “Kris is instrumental in making the donations happen,” she says.

Gallegos fabricated and installed the countertops and bathroom vanities in 11 of the 12 homes. The homes, located on Grace Avenue in Gypsum, feel airy and spacious with enviable finishes, thanks to the donations from Gallegos. 

Beyond templating, cutting and installing the stone, Gallegos also donates marble and granite slab remnants to the ReStore. The slabs vary in size, color and quantity but are always sought after. Every sale, every dollar of income from the ReStore goes directly back into building homes in our community. 

Gallegos“(Donating) works both ways—it helps all around. It helps us clear out odd-size remnants. It helps the ReStore and helps our shop. You need to have just the right project (for the slabs),” he says. But when you do have the right project, it pays off with a high-end slab completing the look of a home.

Dan adds that although he donates time, Gallegos donates materials, he also is a frequent shopper at the ReStore. His cabin has been the recipient of many items from the ReStore, lovingly shopped for and installed—making that house into a home. It seems to be the Gallegos way. 

Learn more about The Gallegos Corporation. Sign up to volunteer on the job site or at the ReStore. Learn more about Habitat Vail Valley and our commitment to being part of the housing solution.