Maria KlopfensteinOffice Manager


970.748.6718 x 101
Hometown: Shoreview, Minnesota 

What year did you start working for Habitat Vail Valley?

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time you’ll find me hiking with my dog, skiing, fishing, hunting, basically doing anything outside.

What inspires you?
What inspires me is simply when the impossible becomes possible; to tackle a problem and never give up, no matter how challenging. I’m also inspired by others who’ve overcome the odds, worked hard, and have changed the world around them to be a better place.

Why are you in nonprofit work?
I love being part of an organization who values the bottom line of helping others and the community, rather than the bottom line of a dollar sign. It is very meaningful for me to know that all of my hard work day in and day out directly contributes to families being able to afford a home of their own.

What’s something quirky about you?
I love dried mangoes so much my husband calls them my “pocket” mangoes because I always sneak them into my pockets without him seeing so I don’t have to share them with him.

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