Catherine OliverReStore Assistant Manager


Catherine Oliver is the Assistant Manager of the Habitat ReStore Vail Valley. She joined the team in 2022 as they moved into the new location. Catherine works in all aspects of operations and management, helping create the best experience for donors, shoppers and volunteers. Catherine’s role includes scheduling pickups, organizing donations, tracking sales and managing staff.

Catherine is excited to work directly with people donating items to the ReStore and sharing with them how they contribute to our work in building affordable housing for local families.

Catherine has an undergraduate degree from University of Georgia in literature with a law degree from the UCLA School of Law. She has a background in financial services and fashion marketing, insurance, patent valuation, banking and real estate. Additionally, she was the co-founder and editor in chief of a publishing company and a global education company distributing content into 42 countries with more than 700,000 daily downloads.

Catherine has three children and has lived in Eagle County since 2018. She is from Savannah, Georgia.


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