The ReStore will no longer be accepting USED HARDWARE! 

  • Furniture  (indoor & outdoor furniture) 
    • All furniture items must be in good, clean condition, free of stains and pet hair 
    • All furniture must be solid wood 
    • Desks can only be accepted if solid wood, one piece, and under 6 feet in length 

    Not Accepted 

    • Armoires and entertainment centers 
    • Pianos 
    • Bunk Beds 
    • Baby furniture 
    • L-shaped desks, desks over 6ft long, and cubicles.  
    • Incomplete bed sets- must be headboard, footboard, and side rails 
    • No particle board furniture 

    Housewares (decor, artwork, dishes, books, linens and soft goods) 

    • Artwork, mirrors, knick knacks, pictures and decorative items (mirrors and art must be framed) 
    • All dishware and cookware items must be clean, boxed, and undamaged 
    • Small appliances must be clean, under 10 years old, and in good working order 
    • Only full linen sets accepted. Must be clean, free of tears, and boxed or bagged 
    • Pillows must be clean, stain free and boxed or bagged 
    • Curtains and curtain rods 

    Not Accepted 

    • Curtain valiances and curtain rods over 8 feet long 
    • Lamps without lampshades 
    • Large amounts of books 

    Appliances (Cooktops, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, fridges, washers and dryers, A/C window units) 

    • Must be in full working order, clean, and less than 10 years old 

    Not Accepted 

    • Vacuum Cleaners 
    • Hoods 
    • Trash compactors 
    • Non-working appliances. These may be dropped off for recycling at Trinity Recycling 


    • Complete sets, all doors and drawers attached, no nails or screws sticking out, undamaged during removal 
    • Vanities in good condition accepted. Must not have water damage 
    • Cabinet handles and pulls accepted 

    Not Accepted 

    • Single cabinets 
    • Cabinet parts (e.g. doors, shelves, drawers etc.) 
    • Cabinets with water damage or damage from removal 


    • Patio/sliding glass doors must be normal size and in good working condition 
    • Interior and exterior 

    Not Accepted 

    • Flat panel doors 
    • Hollow-core doors 
    • Shower doors 
    • Mirrored closet doors 
    • Bifold doors 


    • Double-pane, vinyl or metal clad 
    • Clear in good reusable condition with no nails sticking out of frame 

    Not Accepted 

    • Very large or custom sized windows (max size 5’x 5’) 

    Flooring (Tile, hardwood, laminate) 

    • Tile: Minimum donation is 20 square feet. 
    • All other flooring: Minimum donation is 100 square feet.  
    • All tile must be unused 
    • All hardwood/laminate (must be unused and bundled) 
    • Area rugs must be vacuumed and free of stains and pet hair 

    Not Accepted 

    • Carpeting 
    • Shag Rugs  
    • Donations of less than 100 square feet 
    • Used flooring 

    Exercise/Sporting Equipment only accepted if dropped off 

    • Weights and weight benches 
    • Bikes in excellent condition 
    • Skies and snowboards in excellent condition 

    Not Accepted 

    • Treadmills and stationary bikes 
    • All in one machines 
    • Ski/snowboard boots 
    • Exercise clothing  

    Landscaping (Brick, stone, cinderblock, lawn-care tools, slate, cultured stone) 

    • All bricks, stone and cinderblock must be on pallets and clean of mortar  
    • Snow blowers, lawn mowers, and garden equipment 
    • Rakes, hand tools, wheelbarrows, and other yard tools 
    • Planters, pots and outdoor decor 

    Not Accepted 

    • Sprinkler system equipment 
    • Kinked or cracked hoses 

    Lighting & Electrical 

    • Lamps and chandeliers 

    Not Accepted 

    • Ceiling fans 
    • Recessed lighting  
    • Flush mount lighting  
    • Fluorescent bulbs or fixtures 
    • Track lighting 
    • Used light bulbs 
    • Lamps without shades 


    • All unused lumber over 4’ long 
    • Trim must be a minimum of 6’ long with no nails or paint 
    • Sheet goods: plywood, OSB, drywall – minimum ½ sheet (4’x4’) 
    • Roofing: new, minimum one bundle 

    Not Accepted 

    • Used lumber or trim 
    • Particle board or melamine 

    Plumbing (Sinks, faucets, toilets, bathroom accessories) 

    • Toilets must be at least 1.6 gallons per flush (low-flow). Must be complete and assembled with no wax ring. 
    • Bathtubs must be standard size 
    • No cast iron tubs for pick up, however they may be dropped off at the ReStore as long as you are able to unload 

    Not Accepted 

    • Used faucets 
    • Cast iron tubs 
    • Jacuzzi tubs 

    Televisions and Electronics 

    • Flat screen monitors and HD TVs under 5 years old must have all cords and remote control 
    • DVD players 
    • Stereo equipment (speakers and receivers) under 5 years old 

    Not Accepted 

    • Tube or projection TVs 
    • Printers 
    • Fax machines 
    • VCRs 
    • Humidifiers 


    • General purpose hand tools 
    • Power tools must be in good working condition and with all accessories 
    • Construction equipment and tools 


    • Door knobs that are new still in their box 
    • Faucets that are new still in their box 
    • Complete boxes of nails and screws 
    • Electrical hardware new and still in the box 

    Not Accepted 

    • Any used hardware 

    Cars, boats, and other motorized recreational vehicles 

    • Contact Cars for Homes 

    Other Donations we can Never Accept 

    • Paint & Stain 
    • Hazardous materials 
    • Ceiling tiles 
    • Fluorescent light fixtures 
    • Unframed glass or mirrors 
    • Tires 
    • Ladders 
    • Used Hardware 


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