“Working with Habitat families is what I love most about my time volunteering. Each completed task helps a hardworking family get one step closer to having a place they can proudly call home.”

~Mark Sharp, Volunteer

“Volunteering at the Habitat ReStore is a fulfilling experience. It has given me a chance to meet and make new friends, while contributing to the community.”

~Becky Morgan, Volunteer

“For my children I like to lead by example. We compete over our GPAs, and they tell me it’s not fair because I am only taking one class. But, I tell them that it is fair because I have a full-time job.”

~Ana Mendoza, Homeowner

“It is such a heartfelt feeling to walk through our door and say this is home. To know this is permanent, to watch our children run and play with smiles on their faces.”

~Tanya Vasquez, Homeowner

“The sweat equity hours were difficult, but so rewarding in the end. The Habitat staff was so supportive and always there to lend an ear and keep us motivated. It is a blessing being part of this community.”

~Jessica Mapes, Homeowner

“My home means a new beginning and a brighter future. My son and I now have a stable home, not just a house, a future together in a place where we don’t have to move once or twice a year.”

~Laura Gonzalez, Homeowner

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