Is there a real need for affordable housing in the Vail Valley?


Yes. The need for affordable housing in Colorado is high and even greater in our mountain resort areas. Studies have shown that median home prices are rising much faster in Colorado than wages, creating a shortfall of home ownership opportunities in the state, especially in the Western Slope, and the mountain resort areas. Studies have also shown that affordable housing is vital to the economic health of a community and just as much a part of infrastructure development as building adequate roads, for example. Everyone deserves a fair chance at housing. Additionally, workers essential to the health of a community – teachers, firefighters, law enforcement personnel, emergency workers, retail workers, etc. – perform better in their job when they are able to live in the communities in which they work, not to mention what the stability does to improve their children’s scholastic performance. By reducing commute times, communities contribute to economic vitality by reducing transportation infrastructure costs, pollution, and labor turnover rates. See the Colorado Blue Ribbon Panel on Housing for further information.

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