The Eight Families of Christmas 

Thanks to your donations, eight families will be in their homes by the holidays. Children will wake in their own beds, in their own bedrooms — this is a dream come true. Meet the families YOU helped come home: 

Alejandra and Andy have two young children. Andy, a charismatic Town of Avon law enforcement officer, was born and raised in town. He knows firsthand the importance of building relationships between residents, guests and the police force. He regularly makes visits to the various neighborhoods, playing with kids, chatting with parents. Alejandra grew up in a Habitat home and cannot wait to move into their home this month.  

“Building our Habitat for Humanity home means the absolute world to us. It means security, it means safety and stability but most importantly, as young parents, it means we will never have to worry about not knowing whether or not we will be able to put a roof over our kids’ heads. It is a huge weight taken off our shoulders knowing that not only will we be able to provide a home to our children but it will be within a friendly community in which we can call our neighbors family.” 

Karen and her six-year-old daughter eagerly anticipate the move-in date on their new Stratton Flats home. Karen grew up in Colorado. Currently, she is a preschool teacher working on her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. “We are very grateful for getting a roof over our heads that we will have for a lifetime. This is a dream come true, definitely a time in our lives that we have chosen to turn the page and write our story and mostly have my family be part of this amazing journey for my daughter and I.” 

Maria has four children. As a recently divorced mother, she vowed to never give up on her quest to provide a safe home for her family. She works many hours but felt like she was missing out on her children’s childhood — she had no time. As a Habitat homeowner, she knows her children will benefit from the strong foundation they are building. “I dream that my children are better every day and I dream of a better future.  If you could imagine what all this means to us, who have almost lost hope and faith…. my family dreams and has faith we our lives will improve.” 

An affordable home is the foundation for everything: Martha’s home will allow her to spend more time with her children and grandchildren, while living in a safe and welcoming community. She’s lived in Colorado since 1996 but has struggled to make ends meet. One son was born with a chronic health condition — he needs special care but he adds so much love to her life. “I thank Habitat for giving us the opportunity to own our own home. This is a dream come true. Thank you very much. Many blessings to each of you from me and my children.” 

For Mirtha, a house is a home, a safe space with privacy that will only strengthen her already tenacious family. While she’s beyond excited to move in this December, helping build her home and her neighbors’ homes was part of the specialness of becoming a Habitat homeowner. Her son built beside her, giving time despite a hectic schedule of high school and sports — he can’t wait to wake up Christmas morning in his own room and celebrate with his mother. The benefits of an affordable home, with a consistent mortgage that will not be more than 30% of her gross pay are immeasurable for a stable home life. “We are a united and strong family. This is a big opportunity, being able to have our own home. For me as a mother, it makes me happy being able to give my son a stable home. ” 

Tanya SolisTanya grew up in Eagle County and wants her daughter to have the same opportunities to live in such a special place. Tanya was a preschool teacher before working as a counselor at Battle Mountain High School. She works with high school students, many of whom are living on their own, while she simultaneously earning her master’s in social work. She does all this while building her Habitat home, to have a bigger impact on this community and on her family. “I have loved living in Eagle County and feel that it is a great community to be part of. I love the work I do. Being a mom has been hard and at times challenging, but at the same time it has motivated me to be better; to be someone my daughter can look up to.” 

Pioquinto and Martha have fought to live in Eagle County; they are determined to make a solid life for their three children. They know a home is the foundation for everything: social and emotional well being, physical health, education — it’s a stabilizing force. “I am the luckiest to have them. They motivate me every day and that is why we fight to have our own home. For us, building our house fills us with joy and motivation. Thank you, Habitat, for allowing us to be part of your family.” 

James and his two sons eagerly work on their new home and are ready for this space to bring stability to their family. “This gives us a place to call home and feel very grounded. Having affordable housing also takes away a lot of the stress and anxiety. I will now have the means to make sure myself and the children will always have health insurance, good food and all the foundations that will help my boys grow up in a healthy environment.”

It’s clear what all of these families have in common. They have worked hard to build their lives in Eagle County. They want their children to be able to grow up and thrive here at home, surrounded by family and a community that cares. If a home is the foundation of everything, the families that fill it are everything.