Heaven On Earth Now Brings Home Hope

Moving into a house is cause for celebration—families have a place to come home to, to share in life’s special moments. What many of us may not consider is the cost of starting from scratch. Heaven On Earth Now has helped make the move-in process even more rewarding (and less costly).

Some families have never bought new household items and don’t know the joy of selecting matching towels, glasses and bedding, witheaven on earth nowhout worrying about the high cost. The homeowner envisions a different life, a better life, and Heaven On Earth Now helps fulfill that goal. 

Heaven On Earth Now is based in Maryland with a local spin. Molly Cottrill has been coming to Eagle County for years and decided to make an impact by helping local Habitat families transform a house into a home. After all, it’s the small touches that stand out in a big way. About 20 years ago, Molly volunteered with a Habitat affiliate in Maryland and chatted with the new homeowner. He was beyond excited to move into his new house with his family but had nothing to bring with him. It was an ‘aha’ moment for Molly—all the contents of a house make a home.  

She went home, talked to her young children, reached out to friends and neighbors who put together a list of items for the family. Within two weeks donations rolled in: towels, a toaster, dishes, silverware, mixing spoons and bowls, bedding, a highchair, a baby swing.  

“I sent an email out and in two weeks, we got everything donated. It was unbelievable. Tea towels are just as important as a sofa,” Molly says. “We really created a home. The family said it was one of the most glorious surprises. We then replicated that with Heaven on Earth Now. It’s life changing.”  

Over the years the organization has grown and added programs but it remains a 100% volunteer organization with all donations helping families. The mission is to combat hunger with healthy food, provide household essentials and life skill education to people emerging from homelessness and crises, teach positive habits that change lives and break down barriers and uplift others, modeling the grace and love God so generously extends to us. 

“Kindness changes everything. Each time you extend kindness to another person, you spread your wings that is why I think there is heaven on earth and angels walk among us. They do exist. Thank you to Heaven On Earth Now for all you do for families. It is incredible,” said Habitat homeowner Mina Velasco after her day of shopping and outfitting her new home. 

There are two programs at play here in the Vail Valley. Volunteers take new homeowners shopping to outfit their homes with what’s needed to feel ready to live at home. It’s a magical, special time and always comes along with smiles and excitement. Often, especially in the past few years, new Habitat homeowners are moving from a shared living situation. Heaven on Earth Now takes away the cost burden of moving.   

“Think about the first Walmart shop when you move–shower curtain, bath towels, utensils, dishes. This is a huge help to our families and allows them to get excited about picking out items for their new home,” says Caitlin Weis, family services manager.  

“Families could really use a boost and it gives them hope that they are not alone; piece by piece they will be in a much more stable living situation to raise their families,” Molly adds.  

Elf Angel is a holiday outreach program that helps families most in need. Families are identified with the help of Habitat Vail Valley; gifts are bought and wrapped for everyone in the family. Habitat homeowners get involved with the wrapping too—it brings the holiday spirit to life.  

We are grateful for Heaven on Earth Now and their support of families. Learn more about Heaven On Earth Now