2019-2021 Strategic Plan Launched

After more than a year of planning and discussions, Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley (HFHVV) closed a deal on October 25 to purchase a large parcel of land in Gypsum, Colorado. This new property, along with a recent land donation from Eagle County School District, provides Habitat with a seven-year supply of land, enough for 48 additional homes. With the land purchase finalized, Habitat for Humanity will now officially launch its “Blueprint for Growth,” 2019-2021 strategic plan, which centers around increasing the organization’s home building capacity by 33% per year by 2021.

The newly acquired Gypsum property will be located on the southern end of Polar Star Properties’ Spring Creek Village project and is adjacent to Habitat’s existing Stratton Flats neighborhood where 40 homes have been built since 2012.

“Our recent land purchase in Gypsum not only gives Habitat a number of years of land inventory, but it also will allow us to increase the number of homes that we build annually to better serve the needs of this community,” said Stuart Green, President of HFHVV’s Board of Directors. “In addition, having our land need met for the next few years will allow the organization to focus on other important areas of our work.”

Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley’s “Blueprint for Growth” strategic planning activities initially began in June 2017 with HFHVV’s Board of Directors and Strategic Planning Committee. The 15-month process included in-person stakeholder interviews, benchmarking studies of comparable Habitat affiliates across the country and consultation by Habitat for Humanity of Colorado. The overwhelming conclusion was the need for HFHVV’s work in Eagle County is more critical now than ever before.

“Eagle County looks very different since Habitat built its first home here in 1995,” said John Welaj, Executive Director of HFHVV. “Today, our county is a place where hardworking families can no longer afford a place to call home. There is much to be done and we must work in new and innovative ways to increase opportunities for more families to become homeowners.”

Habitat for Humanity’s strategic plan goals that will drive future activities and programs:

  1. By 2021, HFHVV will serve 100 families. The family services program will include comprehensive post-purchase education that promotes self-sufficiency.
  2. Increase home building capacity by 33%; constructing 20 affordable and energy-efficient homes between 2019-2021.
  3. By 2021, profits from the Habitat ReStore will cover 100% of the administrative costs for HFHVV, allowing 100% of fundraising dollars to go directly to serving families and constructing new homes.
  4. Raise $4 million between 2019-2021 to fund capacity growth in home construction and family services; representing a 60% increase in overall fundraising efforts.
  5. Recruit volunteers to fill 15,000 opportunities at our construction site, in our office, at the Habitat ReStore or by serving on a committee.
  6. Ensure adequate land acquisition by obtaining 48 home sites for planned and future building efforts.
  7. Launch an advocacy program to protect and expand policies and resources for affordable housing.

“It isn’t enough to keep doing what we’re doing,” said Welaj. “Our new strategic plan signifies an important step in the growth of our organization and we invite others to help us reach our exciting new goals.”

By the Numbers

  • $595,000 – Median home sale price in Eagle County.
  • $190,000 – Current sale price of a three-bedroom, one-and-a-half bathroom HFHVV home.
  • $822 – Eagle County’s average weekly wage; $220 below the statewide average weekly wage.
  • 1:3 – It’s estimated that one in three Eagle River Valley households qualify for a HFHVV home based on their income.
  • 10:1 – HFHVV receives 10 homeowner applications for every one home that the organization builds in Eagle County.
  • 33% – Increase in the number of homes that HFHVV will build each year starting in 2021.
  • 128 – Number of families that will live in HFHVV homes by 2025.
  • 250 – Number of volunteer hours or “sweat equity” invested per adult HFHVV homeowner on the construction of their own home.
  • 0% – Interest rate for a HFHVV home mortgage.

Map of Gypsum Land Purchase    
A map that shows 36 additional homesites purchased by Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley in October 2018.

Blueprint for Growth: Habitat for Humanity’s Strategic Plan (2019-2021)

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